ESD Mat / Anti fatigue mat

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What is ESD Rubber Mat ?
ESD (Electrostatic discharge) Rubber Mat also known as Anti-Static Rubber mat, Static Control Tile, ESD Floor Mat, Anti-Static Sheet, Static Dissipative Mat, is used in static sensitive environment to reduce worker fatigue.

Application of ESD Rubber Mat
ESD Rubber Mat is used in electronics manufacturing, pharmaceutical plants, chemical labs, radar and satellite facilities, telecom rooms, hospitals etc

ESD Anti-Fatigue Mat Benefits
Release stress of feet and legs, reduce static electricity build up in human body, thus improve productivity. Also it plays additional role such as damping and anti-slip.

ESD Mat Size:
Length: 0.4-20 m
Width: 0.45-1.2 m
Thickness: 1.2/1.5/1.8/2/2.5/3 cm

Eletrical Resistivity:
Static dissipative layer resistivity:10(power 6)-10(9)Ω
Conductive layer resistivity: 10(3)-10(5) Ω

Country China
Number of Employees Less than 50
Minimum Order (MOQ) 1
Country of Origin CN
Company Name Xianyang Saide Rubber & Plastic Technology Co., Ltd
Province Shaanxi
Telephone number 86+15667179800