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A dehumidifier is any substance that absorbs moisture from the air, also known as a desiccant. According to the state of the hygroscopic agent, it can be divided into three types: solid moisture absorbent, liquid moisture absorbent and gas hygroscopic agent. The dehumidifier we provide can be divided into interior dehumidifier, car dehumidifier, wardrobe dehumidifier and small space dehumidifier. Reusable dehumidifier bag is a useful kind of car dehumidifier. It has strong moisture absorption, and can reduce water mist condensation on the car window and windshield to improve vision. Interior Dehumidifiers absorb the moisture of the air under surface adsorption and capillary condensation. Dehumidifier dry box is one kind of interior dehumidifiers. It plays an important role in mold elimination. Moisture absorber bag belongs to wardrobe dehumidifier which can prevent damage from excessive moisture. It is suitable for use in damp areas to remove excess moisture from the air.

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