DELPHI Head rotor 7139-709W for DPA

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China Balin Power Co.,Ltd is a manufacturer specialist in diesel engine parts. With the decades export experience, we keep the international standard step and testing technical. If you are interested in any diesel injection parts, please contact us.
We really hope we can start business. The customer’s satisfaction is our pursuit.

Contact Vivian
Mail: [email protected]
SKYPE: vivian.vivian50
TEL: 86-594-2650550  CELL: +8613799690614
FAX: 86-594-2660550
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Below are some of products in the market: 
7180-550S” 344S 343 558A 4/8.5R DPA
7180-559T” 349T 348 577A 6/9L DPA
7180-571T” 908T 906 577B 6/9L DPA
7180-550U” 344U 343 558A 4/9R DPA
7180-559U” 349U 348 577A 6/9R DPA
7180-571V” 908V 906 577B 6/9.5L DPA
7180-550W” 344W 343 558A 4/9.5R DPA
7139-235G 858Q 348 880 3/8R DPA
7180-616S” 708S 766 620A 3/8.5R DPA
7139-130T 344T 343 558B 4/9L DPA
7180-616T” 708T 766 620A 3/9L DPA
7180-560U” 189U 348 577A 6/9R DPA
7180-611W” 708W 706 615A 3/9.5R DPA
7139-92Y 91Y 906 347B 6/10R DPA
7180-759W 344W 226 596A 4/9.5R DPA
7180-600L 800L 226 596B 4/7R DPA
7180-645L 344L 652 649A 4/7R DPA
7180-655L 36L 840 657B 6/7R DPA
7180-700L 800L 171 702B 4/7R DPA
7180-727L 36L 840 725B 6/7R DPA
7180-728L 800L 171 730B 4/7R DPA
7180-965L 895L 171 957 4/7R DPA
7180-973L 976L 975 979 3/7R DPA
7180-650S 708S 810 654A 3/8.5R DPA
7180-668S 344S 991 677A 4/8.5R DPA
7180-977S 981S 980 3/8.5R DPA
7180-647U 344U 652 649B 4/9R DPA
7180-668U 344U 991 677A 4/9R DPA
” 344U 652 702B 4/9R DPA
7180-722U 248U 246 724B 4/9R DPA

Country China
Number of Employees Less than 50
Minimum Order (MOQ) 10pcs
Lead Time 3~5 days
Supply Ability 10000pcs/month
Country of Origin CN
Company Name China Balin Power Co.,Ltd
Province Fujian
Zip Code 351100
Address Hualin Industrial Zone
Telephone number +865942650550