Diesel fuel injector tips 0433171222 DLLA155P307 for VOLVO, diesel nozzle for sale

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The nozzle is a part of the fuel injectorthrough which fuel is sprayed into the engine cylinders. China-Lutong’snozzlesare efficient in spraying a fine mist of fuel and meet the needs of thepresent day fuel injectionrequirements. Our range of injector nozzles includesP Type, PN Type, A Type, S Type, SM Type, SN Type, DN-PD Type, DN_PDN Type,DN_SD Type, DN-S Type, CR Type, DSLA-P Type and DLLA-P Type. The company alsosells Russia fuel injector Nozzle fitted to Commercial Vehicles, Industrial,Marine & Agricultural applications such as the N2 Type and N3 Type. OurDiesel Fuel Injector Nozzles not only suit for traditional injection pumps butalso Common Rail Systems.

Our products include: Head Rotor, Common rail valve, Common rail injector, Diesel Plunger, Delivery Valve, VE Pump Parts, Pencil Nozzle, Repair kit, Feed Pump,Cam Plate, Drive Shaft, etc.

Denso No. Stamping No. MFR Name Engine Type
9 432 610 310 DN0PDN131 ISUZU 4JG2
9 432 610 454 DN0PDN137 MAZDA RF
9 432 610 473 DN0PDN104

9 432 610 478 DN10PDN135 MITSUBISHI 4M40
093400-5010 DN4PD1 TOYOTA 2C/1C-L/1C
093400-5040 DN0PD4 TOYOTA 1C-L/2C-TLC
093400-5060 DN15PD6 MITSUBISHI 4D65
093400-5200 DN0PD20 TOYOTA 1C/1C-L/2C-TL
093400-5210 DN0PD21 MITSUBISHI S4Q
093400-5310 DN0PD31 TOYOTA 1N-T
093400-5320 DN20PD32 TOYOTA 3C-T/1HD-T/2C
093400-5370 DN0PD37 MITSUBISHI 4D68
093400-5420 DN20PD32 TOYOTA 1PZ/1HZ
093400-5571 DN4PD57 TOYOTA 2L/3L/5L
093400-5581 DN0PD58 TOYOTA 2L-T/2L
093400-5760 DN10PD76 TOYOTA 2L-THE
093400-5820 DN4PD82 KUBOTA OC95
093400-5950 DN0PD95 KUBOTA V1903
093400-6050 DN0PD605 MAZDA VS
093400-6090 DN15PD609 MITSUBISHI

Country Guinea-Bissau
Number of Employees Less than 200
Minimum Order (MOQ) 10pieces
Country of Origin CN
Company Name China-Lutong Parts Plant
Province Fujian
URL China-Lutong Parts Plant
Zip Code 311100
How much is 7 + 1 ? 8
Address Dubin Industrial District, Hanjiang
Telephone number 13666935270
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