F00rj03521 Bosch Diesel Injector Repair Kits F 00r J03 521 with Nozzle Dlla144p2273 Valve F00rj02806 Injection Parts for Cummins 0445120304

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Chinahanji Power Co.,Ltd -We are a Professional manufacturer of Diesel Fuel Injection Parts, Such as Nozzle, Plunger & Barrel, and Delivery Valve and so on. All the products are gone through serious and strict quality control process, and have already exported to various countries of all over the world Our excellent Quality has been performance in various kind of reputation brand —BOSCH, ZEXEL, DENSO, Delphi and so on. The price is good, the delivery is quick, the service is good, good service or help is free.

We are committed to providing the highest quality parts at the lowest price. Below are the unit quotations of some parts as your reference:
Rotor Head 3-6cyl:USD25-40/pc
Element & plunger A, AD, P, B USD3-5pc
Element & plunger MW.P7100, Ep9 USD8-20/pc
Pencil nozzle 27333, 8N7005 USD12-40/pc
Nozzle (all types) USD3-5/pc
Delivery valve USD1.5-3/pc
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^-^ ———Product Introduction

bosch big repair kit
Item: F 00R J03 521 Bosch fuel injection kits
Model No.: F00R J03 521 , F00RJ03521, F ooR J03 521 ,FooR J03 521 , FooRJ03521 Bosch injektor kit
Application For nozzle: DLLA 144P2273 , DLLA 144 P 2273 , DLLA144P2273 , 0 433 172 273
Bosch injector nozzle
Suit For valve F 00R J02 806 , F00R J02 806 , F ooR J02 806 Bosch fuel pump valve
Relevant Repair Kits: (F 00V C99 002 , F00V C05 001) Diesel fuel injector repair kit
Auxiliary Injector ball seat: F 00V C21 001 , F00V C21 001 , F00VC21001 Bosch seat valve
Color: Slivery
Net Weight: 60g/pc
Gross Weight: 92g/pc
Brand Name: ERIKC
Material: High-speed Steel
Certificate: CE , ISO9001
Packaging Details: 1piece/box
Box Size: 12.5(cm)*4.5(cm)*2.5(cm)
Warranty: 12 month
Delivery Time: Within 1-2 days after payment , you can receive goods within 6-12 day.
Stock: In stock , cannot be naked without packing in air for a long time.
Shipping Way: DHL , FedEx , UPS , TNT , EMS , ARAMEX , By Air.
Payment Terms: T/T , Western Union , MoneyGram , PayPal , Ect.
Current Export Market: South/North America , Europe , Mid East , Africa , Asia , Australia.
^-^ ——— Picture

Bosch Common rail diesel overhaul kit

^_^ —- Other Repair Kit List

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F00RJ03286 F00RJ03287 F00RJ03288 F00RJ03289 F00RJ03290
F00RJ03468 F00RJ03469 F00RJ03472 F00RJ03491 F00RJ03494
F00RJ03496 F00RJ03498 F00RJ03509 F00RJ03504 F00RJ03506
F00RJ03510 F00RJ03515 F00RJ03482 F00RJ03483 F00RJ03484
F00RJ03486 F00RJ03488 F00RJ03514 F00RJ03521 F00RJ03531
F00RJ03546 F00RJ03548

^-^ ———ERIKC hot product
Mainly producing and selling CR injectors, nozzles, control valves, valve bonnets, CRIN repair kits, injector adjusting shims, common rail injector testers and repair tools. Besides our own brand “HAOTENG” and “DYD”, we are also the sole agent of UK ERIKC (the former OEM factory of famous international brand common rail Parts).

^-^ ———A list of products

Bosch bosch valve
bosch nozzle
bosch injector
bosch injector shim & washers
bosch injector repair kits
bosch injector ball
bosch injector copper washer
bosch injector clip & nozzle pin
bosch injector nozzle nut
bosch injector plastic cap
bosch injector solenoid valve

Denso denso valve & orifice plate
denso nozzle
denso injector
denso injector shim & washers
denso injector valve rod & stem
denso injector nozzle nut & plastic cap

Delphi delphi valve
delphi nozzle
delphi injector
delphi injector nozzle nut & plastic cap

Cat cat valve

Tool&Tester 38PCS injector tool kits(remove injector)
12PCS injector tool kits (clamp injector)
dismounting tools caterpillar injector
nozzle test machine for injector
common rail injector test machine
universal grippers / oil-return devices
dismounting tools (Fix Injector)
denso three-jaw spanners (remove denso valve)
ultrasonic cleaner (clean dirty of injector)
CR injector multifunction test kits
common rail injector test bench (bosch denso delphi cat piezo)

^-^ ———Product advantage
· UK ERIKC Brand
· Six month warranty
· Easy adjusting
· Supply neutral packing
· High-speed steel and high technology
· Multiple sales platform
· Focus on selling the engine parts.
· Sell well in more than 100 countries.
· Factory direct sale, the price is low.
· The quality is tested by lots of customers.
· It is guaranteed no matter in quality and appearance.

^-^ ———Contact

If you are interested with our product , you can contact us via any one of the following ways , we will respond promptly once we have your inguiries , Welcome your visit.

Email:[email protected]

Tel:+86-594-3603380 Fax:+86-594-3603560 Contact name:Ms Guo

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