Hangzhou Airflow Electric Appliances Co.,Ltd.

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Hangzhou Airflow Electric Appliances Co.,Ltd, located in Yiqiao town, Xiaoshan District, Hangzhou ,Zhejiang,China, is created by a group of like-minded industry veteran, As a China dual inlet blower fans manufacturers and Blower Fans Factory, Our company products are widely used in heating, air conditioning ,refrigeration ,air purification, telecommunications, electric power and other industries.

Hangzhou Airflow Electric Appliances Co.,Ltd.

Hangzhou Factory : No.88,Xinxia Road,Yiqiao Town,Xiaoshan District,Hangzhou,Zhejiang,China

Haining Factory/offfice : No.10,Heping Road,Zhouwangmiao
E-mail:[email protected]

Country United States
Number of Employees Less than 200
Minimum Order (MOQ) 12
Country of Origin CN
Company Name Hangzhou Airflow Electric Appliances Co.,Ltd
URL Visit Link Here
Zip Code 345100
How much is 7 + 1 ? 8
Address No.88,Xinxia Road,Yiqiao Town,Xiaoshan District,Hangzhou,Zhejiang,China
Telephone number ﹢86(571)87539706