Humidity control packet

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Humidity control packet can control the humidity in the warehouse and prevent the aroma and taste of the goods from changing. For instance, 2-way humidity control packet is used to work together with cigars to keep it in good condition to maintain its original flavor, enjoying the cigar with the good mood. Humidity control packs are made of fiber humectant and non-woven packaging. It can effectively control the humidity in the environment, not too dry or wet. Because it can not only absorb the moisture but also release the moisture. It is eco-friendly that it is natural and safe, containing no harmful substances which does no harm to the nature and the human body. You can rest assured to use it with its good quality and stable performance.

Country China
Number of Employees 201 or More
Minimum Order (MOQ) 1200
Country of Origin AF
Company Name Shenzhen Chunwang Environmental Protection Technology Co.,Ltd
URL Visit Link Here
Zip Code 1200
How much is 7 + 1 ? 8
Address Tongle Sixth Industrial Area, Longgang Dist, Shenzhen ,China.
Telephone number +86-755-89889919