injector nozzles for cummins DSLA150P1499/0 433 175 447 john deere injector nozzles

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injector nozzles for cummins DSLA150P1499/0 433 175 447 john deere injector nozzles
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Fuel: Diesel

Component: Fuel Injection Device

Stroke: 4 Stroke

Weight: 0.04kg

Trademark:diesel parts

Specification: Common Rail Injector Nozzles

HS Code: 84099199

Car Make: Diesel Engine Car

Body Material: Steel

Certification: ISO9001

Cylinder: Single Cylinder

Guarantee: 180 Days

Transport Package: Neutral Packing, Other Packing According to Client

Origin: China

The fuel injectors are typically ECU-controlled. When the fuel injectors are electrically activated, a hydraulic valve (consisting of a nozzle and plunger) is mechanically or hydraulically opened and fuel is sprayed into the cylinders at the desired pressure. Since the fuel pressure energy is stored remotely and the injectors are electrically actuated, the injection pressure at the start and end of injection is very near the pressure in the accumulator (rail), thus producing a square injection rate. If the accumulator, pump, and plumbing are sized properly, the injection pressure and rate will be the same for each of the multiple injection events.

China-Lutong Parts Plant is located in the beautiful Chinese Putian. It has a 26 years history in manufacturing fuel injection parts. We specialize in developing and producing fuel injection pumps, fuel injectors, precision parts of fuel systems, such as nozzles , plungers , delivery valves, rotor heads used on passenger buses, trucks, tractors, agricultural and earthmoving machines, stationary and marine engines.

Item Type Reference Stamping
Nozzle P common rail 093400-8640 DLLA145P864
Nozzle P common rail 093400-7150 DLLA157P715
Nozzle P common rail 0 433 175 449 DSLA128P1510
Nozzle P common rail 093400-8700 DLLA145P870
Nozzle P common rail 093400-1024 DLLA145P1024
Nozzle P common rail 095000-5601 DLLA158P844
Nozzle P common rail 105019-1540 DLLA154PN270
Nozzle P common rail 0 433 175 414 DSLA146P1409+
Nozzle P common rail 0 433 175 271 DSLA143P970
Nozzle P common rail 970950-0547 DLLA158P854
Nozzle P common rail 0 433 175 395 DSLA154P1320
E-mail:[email protected]
QQ :2850613608


Country Netherlands Antilles
Number of Employees Less than 200
Minimum Order (MOQ) 2
FOB price 10
Lead Time 15-25 days
Supply Ability 50000pcs
Country of Origin CN
Company Name China-lutong Machinery Co., Ltd.
Province Fujian
URL China-lutong Machinery Co., Ltd.
Zip Code 311100
How much is 7 + 1 ? 8
Address Dubin Industrial District, Hanjiang
Telephone number +8613666931970