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Theme: Lab Equipment Table   “China Famous Brand” in China Laboratory Equipment Industries!”   “Top 10 in Laboratory Furniture Industries!”            “ISO9001:2000″Certified! The XY-LABS Cabinet has been designed to enable the quick and easy visualisation of latent fingerprints from a variety of evidence. The cabinet uses the widely recognised technique of developing prints with Ethyl Cyanoacrylate (CNA) or Super-glue but encompasses this with full automation and control of the cycle. The installation of the cabinet is easy as it is totally self-contained and needs no venting to the outside. Instead of external venting, the cabinet uses a large capacity activated carbon filter to handle all excess fumes. The only connection required is to a standard 13-amp electrical socket so the unit can be sited almost anywhere. The Cabinet is intended for use at a local level by local officers. This has several obvious major benefits. Evidence can be taken direct to the cabinet from the scene of crime, reducing the amount of handling and avoiding possible miss-treatment as it is passed from person to person. The evidence will also avoid the sometimes lengthy process of being forwarded to a centralised laboratory and can be processed with immediate results in the Police Station. Following processing, evidence is photographed and cross-referenced with NAFIS. If the print is identified the offender will either be arrested or placed under surveillance; otherwise it can be retained until a match is made. All of this can be completed in a matter of hours rather than days. The fully automatic cycle makes the development of fingerprints easy. The superglue is placed inside the chamber whilst evidence is easily positioned using the adjustable rail system. The cycle start button is pressed and the cabinet takes over. It follows, in detail, the process recommendations of the PSDB and as a result ensures that humidity is brought up to, and kept at 80% throughout the entire cycle. For more information about Lab Equipment Table, please kindly visit our website or contact at [email protected] or Skype: nina-nina.181, MSN: [email protected]  Contact: Nina   Tell us what you want and we will realize them for you!! Company Name: Xiamen XiangYun Laboratory Equipment Co., Ltd Facebook: Twitter:!/kevinkevin1012 Youtube: Youtube: Blogdrive:

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