Medical Grade liquid silicone rubber for shoe insoles

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Application of Medical Grade liquid silicone rubber for shoe insoles

The product is a two component high elongation silicone gel designed for silicone food care products, such as silicone insole.

This product cured at room temperature to a soft track gel with the addition of curing agent. The soft nature and cushioning effect offer this product provides excellent protection for our food health care.

Features of Medical Grade liquid silicone rubber for shoe insoles

1.convenient 1:1 mixed ratio by weight

2. high elongation gel

3. low viscosity easily pourable temperature vulcanized and heat acceleration

5. soft track and selcky gel

6. absorbs shock and protets delicate mechanical component 7. no creativ by –product, no concerns nogarding corrosion

Q: What are Foot Relief Insoles designed to do?A: Foot Relief Insoles are fluid filled insoles that have five primary benefits and a long list of secondary benefits. The insoles are designed to cushion, massage, absorb shock, give arch support, and increase circulation. The liquid insole will form to almost any shape foot giving you a customized fit after only a few minutes of wear. Many customers refer to our liquid filled insoles as “liquid orthotics” because of the way the insoles stretch slightly allowing the liquid to fill in the unique arches of your foot providing maximum comfort.

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Minimum order 200kg
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