Neem oil, Neem seed meal, CoCo peat, Coir pots, Coir Discs, Coir Fiber, Hydro seeding mulch

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Exporters and Producers of Eco Friendly Organic Natural OMRI listed(Organic Materials Review Institute)GreeNeem Neem Oil Bio Pesticide,OMRI listed(Organic Materials Review Institute) Neem cake Organic Fertilizer,CoCo Peat Organic plant Growing/Potting medium,Grow Bags for Green houses,Biodegradable Bio pot/Coir pots, Coir Discs/Coins,Coir rope,CoConut fiber,Coir nettings,Coir Felts,Coir geotextile,Coir rope, Coir log/coco log/fascine,Weed mat,Mulch Mat,CoCo Husk Chips,CoConut shell,Shell Charcoal,Horticulture Charcoal,Bedding Medium for Pets and Livestocks,Biodegradable Cow Mats,Stall Mats,Hydro seeding mulch granules,Vermi Compost,Bio Compost,Rock phosphate,Steamed bone meal,vermiculite,for Forestry,Agriculture,horticulture, landscapes, hydroponics,greenhouses,gardens,turf and lawn sectors,mosquito repellent lotion and oil,anti lice oil,Neem Pet and Vet care products,Neem bath soaps,Neem based cosmetics,etc.

Country India
Number of Employees Less than 10
Country of Origin AF