Oxygen Scavenger

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The presence of oxygen decreases the storage life of food and causes oxidative deterioration. The oxygen scavenger have a special liner that absorbs oxygen molecules in the head space of closed bottles. They will prevent your food from oxidation, and it will not cause harm to the food. Oxygen scavenger agent is special designed to absorb both oxygen and carbon dioxide in the packaging. It can be used for jujube, and other dehydrated vegetables, coffee bean and coffee made products. Oxygen removers food storage can remove the oxygen remaining in the bag, prevent the food from discoloration, deterioration and rancidity due to oxidative, and inhibit the growth of mold, aerobic bacteria and food pests. Oxygen scavenger packets can absorb carbon dioxide efficiently. Not only does it prevent the coffee from oxidizing, it also prevents the aroma from being lost.


Country China
Number of Employees 201 or More
Minimum Order (MOQ) 1200
Country of Origin BY
Company Name Shenzhen Chunwang Environmental Protection Technology Co.,Ltd
Province 南澳大利亚
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How much is 7 + 1 ? 8
Telephone number +86-755-89889919