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PO Box 3057, Eltham VIC, 3095
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Redefining Beauty was started because as a customer we were looking for a more affordable source of high quality makeup products that weren’t outrageously priced.

We supply the biggest range of Sigma Brushes, and plan to expand our range of products and brands based on demand. We do not have a store, Sigma Products are currently only available online in Australia.

Every makeup artist in Australia has had the experience of having to choose poor quality brushes because a $500-$700 brush kit wasn’t in their budget. This was what we experienced and what took us to the States to find an alternative high quality product.

We wed shocked by how much cheaper the high end brands (even Australian ones) are in the US, and it quickly become clear that a lack of competition in Australia is what has allowed the prices to soar.

This is what we are here to change! Sigma Beauty is an amazing brand that simply speaks for itself, and it is helping us to reach our mission of providing professional makeup brushes at a truly affordable price, because beauty should be affordable for everyone!

visit our In The News page to learn more about how we started about what we are about, as well as other Beauty companies that we have been featured in.

What to look forward to: There are lots of exciting things in the works at Redefining Beauty, we are always expanding our range of products and looking for more ways to add value to you, our customers so stay tuned!

Redefining Beauty was conceptualised to meet a demand for quality products that are affordable. Too often hard working Australians pay far more for products than consumers overseas.

Redefining Beauty imports and sells Professional Makeup Brushes and Makeup Products from overseas without the “Aussie Markup”.

Sigma Beauty is the first brand to be supplied by Redefining Beauty, and there will be more quality brands available from our site in the future.

Below is some information about Sigma: (this is taken from the Sigma Website)

The Sigma brand is synonymous with quality and functionality. Our products are handmade and were developed to satisfy the highest quality standards.

We offer a complete line of professional brushes specifically designed to highlight eyes and face. Each brush was individually tested for performance, resistance, and durability.

The Sigma brushes are available in different kits to attend your specific needs. You can also acquire individual brushes and customize your own kit. A brush roll specifically designed to hold and maintain your Sigma brush collection is also available.

Ready to get started? The Sigma products are guaranteed to exceed your expectations!

Country Australia
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Province PO Box 3057, Eltham VIC, 3095
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Company Name Redefining Beauty Australia - Sigma Beauty Professional
Zip Code 3095
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Address PO Box 3057, Eltham VIC, 3095
Telephone number 0403747639
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Address PO Box 3057, Eltham VIC, 3095