XED Lamp for indoor lighting

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Reming XED save 20% energy than LED and just with 1/3 cost of LED.

The XED light spectrum is similar to Sun,
Good color rending;
Strong, light penetrability;
Instant hot start;
No need heat sink;
Environmental friendly
Long lifespan is — 15000 hours.

Can be widely used for indoors and outdoors such as HID, Flood Lamp, Hibay Lighting, Down lighting, Industrial and Mining Lighting, Workshop Lamp, Shopping Mall Lighting, Gas Station Lamp, Street Lamp.

RM 150W XED=200W LED=250W MHL=300W Electrodeless Lamp= 400W HPS

RM 150W XED Replace 200W LED Lamp Save energy 30.64%;
RM 150W XED Replace 250W MHL Lamp Save energy 54.47%;
RM 150W XED Replace 200W Electrodeless Lamp Save energy 53.69%;
RM 150W XED Replace 400W HPS Lamp Save energy 70.58%;

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