Xiangshan Tongzhou Plastic Products Co., Ltd.

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Xiangshan Tongzhou Plastic Products Co., Ltd. produces and processes various polyurethane wheels, rubber wheels, nylon wheels and various polyurethane products, widely used in logistics, warehousing, electromechanical, automobile and other manufacturing industries, which are exported all over the world. Welcome your visit.More than ten years of experience in the processing and production of polyurethane products, can provide quality caster wheels, material handling equipment parts, imported materials and advanced equipment.Our company is committed to conducting a layer inspection of each provided wheel to ensure that the rubber of the caster wheels has a one-year warranty under normal use.
Confirmation parameter:If the product is a special OEM product, we will provide a model or picture of the regular product: we will provide a drawing or sample of the product.
Customs offer:We will provide the necessary product information and provide high quality and competitive prices within 12 hours.
Mass production:Our regular product production typically lasts for 20 days, while custom products have a production cycle of 30 days. (Note: you need to confirm the customized product before mass production).
After sales service:Our products have a strong after-sales service guarantee period of one year. If you have any questions about the use of the caster wheels, please feel free to contact us or visit our factory.

Country China
Number of Employees 201 or More
Minimum Order (MOQ) 10
FOB price 79
Country of Origin CN
Company Name Xiangshan Tongzhou Plastic Products Co., Ltd.
Province Zhejiang
URL Visit Link Here
Zip Code 315700
How much is 7 + 1 ? 8
Address 1/F,Building 2,No.80,Jinkai Road,Xiangshan Binhai Industrial Park,Dongchen,Xiangshan,Ningbo,Zhejiang,China
Telephone number 86-574-65803989
Official URL for this manufacturer Visit Link Here